Safety Stand Down

After a long run with little or no safety incidents, we have seen a drastic increase lately with yet another incident occurring Friday.  Based on some of the initial feedback from a few of our Expanse Leadership Summits and to help raise the level of awareness about what’s been happening, this Thursday we will have a company-wide Safety Stand-down to highlight these incidents and to ask for everyone’s help in bringing about positive change. At 7AM Central time Thursday morning (a separate call will also be held at 7AM MST for New Mexico), we’re asking that all employees dial into a listen-only conference call where I’ll speak for 10-15 minutes about some of these incidents and ask for everyone’s help to build a safer culture that we can be proud of. One that keeps our employees from getting hurt.  Details for calling in are at the bottom of this message.

 Following the call, I’m asking that each supervisor hold a meeting with their crews to discuss ways we can impact our safety and discuss what each team member can do differently to work more safely. 

 I’d like you all to dedicate one hour for this critical Safety Stand-down (the call & your small group discussion). Safety is one of our key values and Working Safely is a core behavior we must all exhibit. As it says in the Expanse Way, that includes “taking personal responsibility for safety of oneself and others.” I will share what I am going to personally change during our call, and we want every member of the team to identify and commit to one thing that they will do differently to make a positive change as well.

 It’s critical that we address these safety issues together as a team. We cannot continue to hurt people. This is my priority and I know it is yours. Please ensure that the call is attended, and these meetings are held by the leads of our teams. Each of us holds the key to keeping ourselves and others safe. Together we can make this happen and show our people their safety is our most important priority.

 7 am CST  Texas Call in Number:    877-407-4177;  Passcode: 13694203

 7 am MST  New Mexico Call in Number:    877-407-4177; Passcode: 13694205

Jerrit Coward