Welcome to the Training Portal

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Welcome to the Expanse Access Training Portal

As introduced in last month’s safety meeting, the Odessa branch will be pilot testing our New Online Training Portal.  For the 4th quarter, all of your required training must be completed via the new Expanse Access Training Portal.

To enter the portal and set up your account, follow the steps below:

1.  Open Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

2.  Type in web address in to your web browser. (The Kiosk’s are already set up).


3.  Enter your Username: Your Employee ID Number

4.  Enter your Password for the first time:  TRAINING

5.  Click on your name in the top right corner and select change Password. 

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Your Password must be changed when you initially log in.

Once in the LMS, you can click on “New Required Courses” and your online courses will appear. 

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For any questions or issues, please contact:

Adam Bell @ adam.bell@expanseelectrical.com or 432-634-0268

Brian Garmer @ brian.garmer@expanseelectrical.com or 208-761-7464